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Baby with parent

The gift of time

We all want the time and energy to invest in the things that matter most. Think about what a new mom or dad could do in Alabama with 8 weeks of paid parental leave. Now think about adding that time on to the usual 6-8 weeks medical leave for GSK moms who have recently given birth!

I didn’t fully appreciate what the 8 weeks of leave would mean to me and my family until I had it.

For GSK employees in Delaware and across the US, we have expanded our paid parental leave benefit in 2017, adding 8 weeks of paid time off for all new mothers, fathers, and domestic partners in the US and Puerto Rico who give birth or adopt to care for their new child. These changes bring GSK to the top quartile for parental leave among corporations in the US, and most importantly, builds on our commitment to a healthy, high performing culture for our employees.

Employees like Ryan who shares below what it has meant to him. 

"My wife and I just welcomed our second child, Conor, in June. I didn’t fully appreciate what the 8 weeks of leave would mean to me and my family until I had it. What an incredible gift to have time at home to enjoy my new son, watch him grow, and be with him as he acclimated to our home and family. Just as important, it also allowed me to focus on taking care of my wife (so she could properly recover) and our oldest son, Joseph.

My wife had a cesarean section and was released from the hospital with restrictions on the number of time allowed to transverse steps (once daily) and how much she could lift (limited to less than 10 pounds). I often think, what if I worked for a company that didn’t allow me this time.

After returning to work following my 8-week leave, I came back relaxed and able to focus on my work without distractions, knowing that I left my family in a good state and settled (as much as it can be with two kids under two) at home." -- Ryan, GSK

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