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Tommy travels from an Indiana town of 83k to a city of 17 million

Tommy, a sales representative at GSK for the past 17 years, calls Bloomington home…normally. But 2017 hasn’t been a normal year for Tommy. Join him (virtually) as he spends six months in Vietnam as a communications specialist with PATH in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tommy left the comfort and routine that he knew well in Bloomington to take the adventure of a lifetime thanks to GSK’s PULSE Program – a program that helps reignite our employees’ sense of purpose and pride in working at GSK by pairing them with non-profit organizations to spark healthy change in communities around the world. 

The PULSE program matches employees to a non-profit organization for three or six months, full-time allowing them to contribute their skills to help solve healthcare and education challenges at home and abroad.

Tommy’s assignment: to support the Communities for Healthy Hearts program in Ho Chi Minh City. The program aims to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease and provides guidance for where to access screening and treatment in Vietnam. It’s a job that has nearly nothing to do with his day job at GSK, yet everything to do with the purpose of our company.

Hear from Tommy as he shares his adventure over the course of the six-month assignment. 

Since its launch in 2009, the PULSE Volunteer Partnership has enabled 705 employees from 63 countries to work with 120 non-profit partners around the world. Over the last eight years, PULSE has provided nearly $35 million worth of skilled services to our partners worldwide.

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