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Tiemer’s love of science is fueled each summer

Tiemer is a 10-year-old boy who loves science and is on his way to become the next great scientist.

Tiemer is a home-schooled, 10-year-old boy who loves science. Despite family hardships, Tiemer and his five siblings have been able to attend the GSK Science in the Summer programs the past several years – most recently at the Newport Library. At this rate, he’s on his way to become the next great scientist.

Tiemer and his family are longtime attendees of the Science in the Summer program, according to Trudi Plummer, director of education for the Maine Discovery Museum. “Hardships can distract from a family’s focus on education, particularly in the summer months when programs can be both costly and time consuming but Tiemer and his family are here year after year because the curriculum is fun for them and the program is free,” said Trudi. “Tiemer loves science so much that he often attends multiple sessions per summer; and - at the end of the program last year - his teacher sent him home with extra materials so he could continue the curriculum’s experiments post summer.”

This year, Tiemer arrived for the program with the same enthusiasm as always. He asked countless questions and had several “aha” moments as he explored the Science of Sports.

Once again, when the program ended, Tiemer lingered.

This time he wasn’t waiting for more supplies – he was waiting to show the teacher what he had been working on since last summer: his own circuit boards with working switches, bulbs, buzzers and even a transistor! He used all with the bits and pieces she had given him the year before and a few odds and ends he added from home!

As his teacher packed up for the summer she, again, gave Tiemer as many bits and pieces as she could spare, extra observation sheets and measuring tools, and the family received a sponsored membership to the Maine Discovery Museum!

According to Trudi, “If it wasn’t for GSK and Science in the Summer, kids like Tiemer, with very little resources and access, might not be able to find the support they need to nurture their interest in science, build their skills, and lay the groundwork for a possible career in STEM. At the rate he is going, Tiemer is likely to be Maine’s next great scientist!”

The GSK Science in the Summer program, which is in its 31st year of operation, now reaches more than 25,000 kids across the country per year, and has nearly 200,000 alumni to date. The 2017 program focused on the Science of Sports – allowing kids to explore how their favorite sporting activities link to STEM. In 2018, the program will focus on the Science of Space and, if the stars align, Tiemer and his family will be back for another summer.