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Harlem_New York_Mosaic_Abreva

Restoring the beauty of murals in New York

Much like the way Abreva® restores beauty by getting rid of cold sores, it also restores the beauty of murals in New York for everyone to enjoy. In the summer of 2018, Abreva® launched the initiative to remind consumers that UV rays are a common trigger of cold sores.

"While we're all familiar with the damage UV rays can cause to the skin, the impact on the lips is often overlooked as many people believe cold sores are only triggered in the winter," said Josie Howard, MD, a San Francisco-based psychiatrist specializing in psychodermatology. "While summer is often a time for relaxation, the idea of bearing more skin and 'summer bodies' can be a cause of stress. That stress coupled with UV rays can make people even more vulnerable to cold sores."

Partnering with CITYarts to restore beauty murals in New York City, Abreva® donated $20,000 to the organization to fund the restorations.

"Murals are a fixture of many local communities and when they are faded and run down, these neighborhoods feel less than beautiful, which is similar to how people with cold sores feel," said Rishi Mulgund, Senior Brand Manager, Abreva®.

Harlem_New York_Mosaic_Abreva

We're excited to give back to the community, educate about the impact of UV rays and restore beauty to all kinds of faces this summer."

In New York City, the brand's donation will support the restoration of "CITYarts Mosaic Peace Wall" (pictured above) in Harlem, New York, "Alice on the Wall" and the "Flowering Vine" (pictured below) murals.

Harlem_New York_Flowering Vine_Abreva

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