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Emily is striving to do more to help patients access their medicines

Around 47 million Americans live in poverty and although we most often hear about humanitarian crises around the world, we recognize that there is a real need in the US as well -- including in North Dakota.

Whether challenges with insurance coverage, changes in financial circumstances, and sometimes patients needing assistance paying for their prescription medications or vaccines – Emily, who leads our US Patient Assistance Programs, knows that the work she does helps to ensure that we are finding ways to help patients access the GSK medicines and vaccines they need.

Her work means that, for those patients in the US who are eligible, we can help them receive our medicines at no cost through our patient assistance programs (PAPs).

And throughout 2016, we provided prescribed medicines and vaccines valued at $110 million, to more than 137,000 patients in the US – including those in North Dakota.

Read more about how we are striving to help patients access their medicines.


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