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Bringing ideas to medicines in Upper Providence

Located approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, our Upper Providence (UP) R&D Hub establishes a vital footprint for GSK R&D and serves as a center of scientific excellence in the US market.

Our site here is situated on approximately 281 acres of land. By itself this fact may feel a bit underwhelming but when you consider the location of that 281 acres – we’re pretty fortunate. Our location is close to many of our world-renowned academic and institutional partners and innovation hubs, which allows us to reinforce and build new relationships with key scientists and organizations. (It’s also a stone’s throw from Valley Forge, so the area is steeped in history as well as innovation.)

Our site here houses the full range of R&D activities—from idea through manufacturing of the medicine. Collaboration is the key and is enabled by our SMART working approach. This means our offices are open as are our lab spaces; allowing visibility, communication, and interaction to drive innovation.

Our team here in Upper Providence works collaboratively with our R&D Hub in Stevenage, UK, satellite US offices in Upper Merion, Pennsylvania; Boston, Massachusetts; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; and San Diego, California, as well as our other global satellites.

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GSK Navy Yard: Where we do more with less

30% less energy, 50% less water almost a 90% reduction in paper use.

Hello Upper Merion…also known as an International Historic Chemical Landmark since 1998

Channeling a favorite throwback pastime to build future work space

Science has seen incredible and rapid advances in the last 30 years and the old cliché of the mad scientist locked up in his or her lab alone is an outdated image. Today, scientific breakthroughs are more often the product of teamwork than individual genius. And there is no better place for our GSK teams to thrive than in their workplaces.

Marietta plays a vital role for ensuring vaccines get to where they need to go

Our site in Marietta has been helping to protect people from serious disease for well over 100 years, with a dedication to smallpox vaccine production since 1882.

Teaching a passion for science to kids in Philadelphia

Jonathan Nguyen is no stranger to STEM education. As a science teacher in the Camden, NJ school district, he leads high school seniors through the rigors of scientific concepts, memorization, and testing on a daily basis. What’s missing, he said, is passion behind science – want to know how he finds it?

GSK east coast map

Eight students help us unlock our abilities to be a better company

Our Upper Providence R&D Hub welcomed 8 student interns for a 9-month assignment and the result was truly inspiring.

Luke convinced a team of ten to give BIG (from Philly to Cali)

What do you get when you combine tenacity, determination, and perseverance and sprinkle in some warmth, generosity, humanity and the will to do more? You get heart…10 hearts to be exact.

MLK Day: A different kind of day off

To honor the life of Dr. King and keep his legacy of respect, tolerance, inclusion and service to others at the forefront of the holiday, our African American Alliance (AAA) Employee Resource Group commemorated the day by making Martin Luther King Day a ‘Day On’ through engaging in a series of service projects with local community partners.

The kids of GSK

April 26th was National Take Your Child to Work Day and GSK sites across the US opened their doors to kids of GSK. While we were at it, we also opened some windows to future careers in science, social media, health and nutrition, and even robot manufacturing!