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Houston gave the lift that Lolita needed

Lolita Smith, a GSK sales manager in Houston, thinks back to her recent battle with Leukemia.

Lolita, who has been with GSK for 13 years, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in May of 2016. As a result of her illness in, she was in constant need of blood and platelet transfusions – as are the many other patients in her treatment facility, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

When her teammate, Claudia Chandler, heard about Lolita’s need – she rallied folks from around the Houston area to come together for an Orange Day event (GSK’s day dedicated for volunteering). Coming together allowed GSK volunteers to donate blood and platelets to MD Anderson on Lolita’s behalf.

Now one year post her stem cell transplant, Lolita is in remission. Thanks to her Texas teammates for leading the charge to help her win her battle against cancer.

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