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Sales teams in Vermont are ditching traditional practices

When was the last time you upended your life – reevaluated the way you work, radically shifted how you measure success – and convinced 100,000 people to do it with you?

The way the pharmaceutical industry operates is based on practices developed decades ago. Practices that are out of touch with what is expected of us today and, frankly, have contributed to a widespread misconception that the industry values profits over patients.

Consider how the pharmaceutical industry traditionally markets and sells its products:

We’ve rejected the industry’s old ways of working and created a new approach – with modern commercial practices that are streamlined, more patient-centered, and better aligned with our values and society’s expectations.

Over the last several years, GSK has made industry-leading changes to these traditional commercial practices:

This transformation isn’t only in the US, it’s global in scale - guiding our business practices from here to Africa to Asia. We consider it a competitive edge as we are the only pharmaceutical company in the world doing it.

Our employees, and the customers they serve, agree.

Dale is a US Pharmaceutical sales representative and represents products from our respiratory portfolio. Like her colleagues in Vermont, she has embraced our value-based sales approach and has received positive feedback from healthcare professionals.

“If I sold cars or electronics, I might want to be rewarded based on my individual sales targets, but I educate physicians on respiratory products. I want to be rewarded based on my ability to effectively discuss the product that's best for the patient. I’m proud to represent GSK because of that.” -- Dale, GSK Sales Specialist