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Proud of our humble beginnings in Hoquiam

Born in Hoquiam in 1905, George Herbert Hitchings would go on to make discoveries that revolutionized not only the way pharmaceutical research was undertaken, but the field of medicine itself.

A product of Seattle’s Franklin High School (where he was salutatorian) and the University of Washington (from which he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry), Hitchings often credited his formative years in Washington with experiences that prepared him for scientific innovation.

One of the most celebrated research scientists in GSK’s history, Hoquiam’s Hitchings spurned traditional pharmaceutical industry product-oriented research methods to develop a logic-based drug development system based on a combination of biochemistry expertise and disease knowledge. Hitchings played an important role in the discovery of many life-saving drugs, including some of the first to treat leukemia, gout, viral infections, and organ transplant rejection. For his impact on medicine, George Hitchings won the 1988 Nobel Prize – one of 5 GSK scientists to claim the award. We continue to honor his legacy with our commitment to innovation.

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