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Reigniting our employees sense of purpose

In August 2016, GSK ranked #1 on the 2016 FORTUNE Change the World list. This recognition illustrates that a company can do well by doing good. Our employees are key to this.

We want our employees to be active in their local communities. With nearly 15,000 employees across the US, our ability to make a difference is significant.

Our volunteering initiatives help reignite our employees’ sense of purpose and help them feel proud to work for GSK. Opportunities allow volunteers to not only spark healthy change in communities to improve global health, but also serve as a platform for individual development.

Every GSK team member is encouraged to take one paid day off each year to volunteer for a local community project or organization of their choice. And for those who want to make a bigger impact, we encourage them to take part in our PULSE Volunteer Partnership. PULSE matches full-time employees with a non-profit organization for 3 or 6 months, allowing them to contribute their skills to help solve healthcare and education challenges at home and abroad. Their job is backfilled by another employee looking to develop professionally until the PULSE volunteer returns—refreshed, inspired, and ready to get back to delivering on our purpose.

Since its launch in 2009, the PULSE Volunteer Partnership has enabled 705 employees from 63 countries to work with 120 non-profit partners around the world. Over the last eight years, PULSE has provided nearly $35 million worth of skilled services to our partners worldwide.

Read stories of our global PULSE Volunteers or learn how volunteerism shapes us as a company.

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